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When clients set up offshore companies with us, they may also need our assistance to open offshore bank accounts for their companies.  We are able to handle the entire account opening process for you so you do not need to visit the bank in person, but it’s varied case by case. This is very important for you to check with our consultant first.  Depending on the bank selected, credit cards and/or debit cards are available, together with ATM cards, telephone banking and internet banking services. We can assist you with offshore banking in Hong Kong, UK, Singapore, Liechtenstein, and Cyprus.

Please note that we only offer assistance with opening corporate accounts for companies under our management.

If you are conducting business internationally, we may highly recommend you to open your corporate bank accounts in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is unique – it is not considered to be an offshore tax haven by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) meaning that it is considered to be a legitimate business centre; furthermore it manages to remain autonomous from the OECD and is not a member of the Organisation and so it has not signed up to any exchange of information treaties with second nations. This means Hong Kong is one of the only offshore banking centres which will not be subject to “automatic exchange of information”.  There’s neither tax on interest earns from the account nor withholding tax on the money remitted outside Hong Kong.  There is no foreign exchange in Hong Kong and therefore no supporting documents are required to make the transfers into or outside Hong Kong.  Furthermore, most of the banks in Hong Kong offer Multi-currencies account including USD, GBP, EURO, NZD, AUD, JPY, HKD, CAD, S, and more, which allows you to keep different type of currencies under the same account number.  Incoming funds denominated in one currency let say in USD, will be kept in the same currency under this one bank account number.

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